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Death on the Nile


Death on the Nile

The novel is set in Egypt, where a group of people meet on a cruise.

Linnet Doyle is a rich American heiress who has just married Simon Doyle. They are on their honeymoon. 424j96e

Jacqueline De Bellfort, who was Linnet's best friend and Simon's former lover, is in order to upset their happiness and so take revenge on them.

Mrs Otterbourne is accompanied by her daughter Rosalie and she is in search of inspiration for her writing.

Mrs Allerton is with her son Tim, who has changed their plans for their holidays at the last moment.

Miss Van Schuyler is accompanied by Miss Bowers because she has some sort of illness and by a poor cousin, Cornelia, whom she treats like a servant.

Mrs Pennigton is Linnet's trustee and he hopes to pesuade him to sign some documents.

James Fanthorp looks after Linnet's business.

Dr Bessner is a German doctor.

Hercule Poirot is a famous detective.

Guido Richetti is an Italian archaeologist.

Mr Ferguson is a young communist.

Colonel Race is investigating a case of arms smuggling.


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